Grooming Mistakes Men Make


Here at The Man Grooming Kit, we believe that grooming doesn’t have to be complicated… Our kit’s will make your life more man-agable so you can spend more time adventuring and exploring and less time in the bathroom!

A further way to save yourself more time, is to avoid making grooming mistakes! So we have narrowed down a few of the top errors that guys make, so next time you know how to nail your grooming routine.

  1. Unkempt beards and mustaches – we love a good beard here at The Man Grooming Kit HQ, however we recognise the importance of keeping it well maintained so to avoid it looking a little wild, lightly trim it on a regular basis to ensure it keeps its shape.
  2. Too much fragrance – after shave is a man’s signature, but don’t go over board, less is always more! Two or three sprays is enough to leave you smelling great, without the scent being too over empowering.
  3. Not moisturising – to avoid fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin, it is vital that you apply a moisturiser to both your face and skin.