How To Grow A Beard


Men with beards. It’s all the rage. But, growing that much wanted beard can prove to be tiresome and testing. Rather than looking pulled together, that in-between-growth stage can make the beard look untamed, rough and itchy. If you’re wanting to acquire some facial fur, here are some tips for doing it right. Hit the sweet spot (natural and groomed – not manicured) and a beard will look great with both a beanie and a double-breasted jacket this winter.

Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your beard. Give yourself a full month to grow out a full beard. Resist over shaping it in the early days so you can see what you’ve got to work with but do use a trimmer to make sure the hairs are all even in length.

Accept The Itch

New beard hairs can feel super rough but the prickly sensation subsides after a week, so stay tough. Our best tip is to keep moisturised using our Heavy Duty Face & Body Lotion . It also helps to brush the hair so everything grows in the same direction.

Wash it!

You wash the hair on your head so don’t neglect your facial hair! Cleaning your beard is imperative to good facial hygiene. Clean up your act with our all-in-one Shampoo and Body Wash .

Soften It Up

Once you get to that one week mark you need to keep the hair supple – you don’t want to scratch your girlfriend! Our Beard Oil is the hero product you need to nourish your fur.

Shape Your Face

Use your new facial hair to define your face. Round face? A more square beard can help define your jawline. The key for all face shapes though is to trim in tighter on the cheeks and leave hair a little longer where a goatee would be.