Guest Post: Heavy Duty Face Body Lotion Review


Peter Minkoff, contributor to High Street Gent blog, recently tried The Man Grooming range and absolutely loved the products! In particular, the Heavy Duty Face & Body Lotion. Here is his full review of the products –


My friends from Stefan The Man recently sent me their grooming kit for review and I couldn’t wait to try it! After using their products for a month I thought that this is the perfect time to share my opinion with you on this great product and how my skin benefited from it. In this review I will talk about their Heavy Duty Face & Body Lotion.


The Experience


I have to say this product was a total discovery for me! I never thought that one product can be used both for face and body since men’s skin is also very delicate and different just as women’s skin. My skin tends to get extra dry so I must say this product is perfect for men with dry skin.

The lotion has a perfect masculine scent based on natural ingredients like Red Seaweed and Mountain Pepper Berry which make it effortlessly unique yet classic. Also, the Lotion has a proper thickness which I always like in skincare products. It doesn’t leave little white flakes and it absorbs in a minute which is always a big plus. I now find that my skin stays moisturised for a whole day and has a lovely subtle scent, so reapplying is not necessary. As for the use of the product, I recommend applying it after a hot shower on dried skin due to increased body temperature.

The bottom line is that this lotion will now be my product of choice for my everyday moisture and general body care. Like I mentioned before, it’s perfect for men with dry skin, it absorbs easily and it gives your skin all the moisture it needs with an overall natural skin shine.

Thank you guys for this amazing product! It’s something that I will recommend to all my friends who need a proper skin moisture and have skin problems just like I do.

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