How To Style Your Beard To Suit Your Face


Figuring out the perfect shape and style for your beard can be tricky. Before you take the next step, your decision should be judged heavily by the shape of your face.  Essentially it comes down to the 2 most common face groups: well proportioned faces (round or square) and elongated faces (rectangular, oblong, diamond and inverted triangle). Longer faces suit heavier beards nicely, considering the dominant facial hair will help proportion the rest of the face.  Faces that are shorter, don’t always wear the full beards as well but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! We have compiled a detailed list of facial hair styles and examples of how other men have worn them.

Round and Square 

Generally speaking, men with faces that aren’t elongated should be cautious if contemplating a full beard. If the beard is too heavy it can overtake the jaw and might not suit your god given proportions. Men with Round or Square faces should focus their facial hair on the chin and moustache zone.

Styles like “Goatee and Mostache” “Balbo” “Sour Patch” and “Chin Strap” are perfect for those with well proportioned faces.




Rectangular, Oblonge, Diamond and Inverted Triangle 

That leaves men who have faces with slight more elongated faces to embrace the full fur. A heavy beard will even out the facial proportions while rocking a masculine look.

Styles like “Full Beard” “Extended Goatee” “Chin Curtain” “Strap and Moustache” and “Mutton Chops” vibe well with Rectangular, Oblonge, Diamond and Inverted Triangle faces.


Screenshot 2017-06-07 16.04.58George-Clooney-Hair-and-Beard


Photo Credit: Google and Pinterest

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