5 Natural Ways To Grow A Beard Faster


Throughout history, beards have symbolized power and masculinity. But, the problem with them is how long they take to grow. Did you know that your beard growth is mostly determined by your testosterone levels and plain old’ genetics? Crazy right?!

We’ve put together some tips that will help accelerate your beard growth naturally. Your mileage may vary but doing the following tips will definitely help.

Staying Healthy

It almost sounds cliché now but it’s true. Diet and exercise will play a large role in your ability to grow facial hair. Eating a diet rich in proteins such as eggs and fish is important. Other helpful foods that may help include red meat, milk, cheese, and nuts.

Exercise helps grow facial hair because of its effect on testosterone. The more you exercise the higher levels of testosterone you can produce. While not exercising at all will cause your testosterone levels to drop.

Keep Your Face Clean

While your beards starting to grow it’s important to exfoliate. Yes, exfoliate that word you probably hear time to time from your girlfriend or wife. Scrubbing your face down and removing dead skin cells, dirt, and oil will help initial hair growth.

It also promotes blood flow to the area which helps hair growth. While you cannot exfoliate the same areas as good once your beard starts to come in, you can still massage the skin and keep your cheeks clean. We recommend using The Man Grooming Kit Dirty Shampoo & Body Wash – $22.00.

Make the Commitment

Once your beard starts growing in you’re going to go through the beard itch phase. I highly recommend you begin using a good beard oil such as The Man Grooming Kit Beard Oil – $24.00. If you’re organised we even recommend using this from the beginning! If you have sensitive skin or growing a beard causes any discomfort beard oil will make your life a lot better!

The beard itch phase doesn’t last forever and it’s the pivotal point when a lot of men give up and shave. Just make it through this stage and you’ll be smooth sailing into a manly mane.

The Wild Stages

If you want a fuller larger beard quickly then you’re going to go through some wild looking stages. Often referred to as the hobo stages of beard growth. It’s just where no matter what your beard looks like you let it grow wild.

You don’t want to do any trimming no matter what. You’ll get to your end result much faster and then you can trim and shape the beard. If you begin trimming and shaping to early you’ll greatly reduce the growth of your beard.

Mostly because we get into a “trimming frenzy” and worry about making it look perfect. Which results in actually removing more beard than intended. So, remember to just let it grow.

Natural Supplements

If this isn’t your first attempt at growing a beard and you think you need a little beard kick you may want to consider some supplements. Although be wary of most of them out there and do your research.

I recommend going with the base key ingredient in these beard growth supplements. The key ingredient is Biotin and you can buy Biotin by itself. That’s the best route for most people but everyone’s different.

If you’ve had trouble with patch beard or thin beard growth go ahead and start taking the supplement as long as your Doctor approves. Patchy beards can also be combated with something called Minoxidil.

Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed our 5 tips to grow a beard faster. Just remember that a lot of it boils down to genetics and everyone’s beard will look different. Use these tips and rock what you’ve got.

Author Bio: Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A site for men, beards, and grooming. To see more from him visit his website or like iManscape on Facebook.