The Difference Between Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Wax (And Where to Shop for Beard Care Products Online in Australia)

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What exactly is the difference between beard oil, beard balm and beard wax? Many a man with an impressive beard has asked this question over the years, in pursuit of products to make his beard more, shall we say, man-ageable. Luckily, at the Man Grooming Kit, we carry a range of different beard oil and beard care products in Australia and are happy to define these different products for you!

Three Bear Care Products Defined

Let’s start with beard oil, which is one of our flagship products at the Man Grooming Kit. Essentially, beard oil is a leave-in conditioner or moisturiser that helps to care for both your beard and the skin underneath. If you have been feeling like your beard is super itchy, or if your facial hair is sharp, tough and uncomfortable, beard oil is for you. Using a combination of natural oils, most beard oil products will soften your facial hair, reduce itchiness and rejuvenate the skin underneath. The beard oil we offer as part of the Man Grooming Kit is also enriched with menthol, which helps prepare your skin for shaving and helps prevent razor burn.

The Man Grooming Kit is also a good place to shop for beard wax online in Australia. Where beard oil is used to condition a beard and make it healthier, beard wax is primarily a styling product. Think of beard wax as hair gel for your facial hair. If your beard is unruly or untamed, but you aren’t ready to shave or trim it, beard wax can help you get the shape and style you’ve been chasing. Often, using beard wax to sculpt your facial hair can make it look even fuller and more impressive than it did in the first place!

If you are shopping for beard balm in Australia, you are mainly looking for the collision of the other two products discussed in this article. Like beard wax, beard balm is a styling product that is useful for sculpting and shaping a beard or making it look more full-bodied. However, beard balm conditions too, which means that it has attributes of beard oil, as well. Beard balms are often referred to as pomades instead.

Where to Find Beard Wax, Beard Oil or Beard Balm Online

So which beard care product is right for you, and where can you go to find what you need? Beard oil is ideal if your beard feels stiff, itchy or uncomfortable, or if the skin beneath your facial hair often feels dry or chapped. Beard balm or pomade can be a good all-in-one option for styling and long-term facial hair moisturising. Beard wax, finally, is essential for facial hair styling if your beard is longer than about ten centimetres.

At the Man Grooming Kit, we can help you find whichever product is essential for you. We carry beard oil, beard wax and beard balm (or pomade) online—both as individual products and in kits or bundles. If you have any other questions about our products, click here to fill out our contact form.