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As a man with a full-bodied beard, you might find yourself in something of a dilemma when the time comes to shave. On one hand, you don’t want to look like a beast or a slob for your big Saturday night or Monday morning work presentation. On the other hand, shaving and grooming can be a thoroughly unpleasant experience if you don’t have the right supplies. From cutting your face on a dull razor to suffering for hours after a shave from severe razor burn, the pitfalls of grooming are enough to bring out the Hulk in any man.

Introducing The Man Grooming Kit

Luckily, there is a better option than using a disposable razor, a cheap brand of shaving cream and a bottle of expired lotion to groom your beard. At The Man Grooming Kit, we specialise in creating essential all in one shaving and aftercare kits. These ‘beard grooming kits’ are available online, as well as throughout Australia at Stefan salons.

What do you get in The Man Grooming Kit? Our standard grooming kit includes everything you need to clean up your appearance and ‘tame the beast’ that is your beard or moustache. Start in the shower with our Dirty Shampoo & Body Wash, an all in one product for cleaning the entire body—hair included.

Next, get ready for the dreaded shave—except, by getting your hands on this beard grooming kit in Australia, you’ll have nothing to dread at all! Each kit comes with a miraculous ‘Shave Oil’ recipe that will render all other types of shaving cream obsolete to you. Enriched with menthol and topped off with the ultimate gentlemanly fragrance, our Shave Oil prepares your skin for shaving and prevents razor burn, allowing you to trim back even the wildest jungle of a beard without worrying about being left with a red and sore face.

With the shave oil applied, cut through your unruly facial hair with a stylish wooden razor handle, outfitted with the sharpest five-blade razor to give you a clean and close shave. The ‘Get Sharp’ razor handle will feel powerful in your hand and offer a classy look. Plus, it’s compatible with the Gilette Fusion 5 Blade, so you won’t have to worry about ordering custom blades going forward.

Finally, finish off your shave by applying The Man Grooming Kit’s Heavy Duty Face and Body Lotion on your recently shaven skin. The lotion will rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling smooth and comfortable. Where shaving often leads to razor burn and a sore face, shaving with one of our beard grooming kits in Australia provides the rare shaving experience where your face will actually feel better after a shave—not worse.

Order Your Beard Grooming Kit Online Today

At The Man Grooming Kit, our philosophy is simple: Shaving shouldn’t be (and doesn’t have to be) an arduous, painful experience. By shopping our selection of beard grooming kits and products online, you can stock your cabinet with the essentials you need to look forward to shaving—even if you never thought you would.