5 Natural Ways To Grow A Beard Faster


Throughout history, beards have symbolized power and masculinity. But, the problem with them is how long they take to grow. Did you know that your beard growth is mostly determined by your testosterone levels and plain old’ genetics? Crazy right?! We’ve put together some tips that will help accelerate your beard growth naturally. Your mileage may vary but doing the following tips will definitely help. Staying Healthy It almost sounds cliché now but it’s true. … Read More

How To Style Your Beard To Suit Your Face


Figuring out the perfect shape and style for your beard can be tricky. Before you take the next step, your decision should be judged heavily by the shape of your face.  Essentially it comes down to the 2 most common face groups: well proportioned faces (round or square) and elongated faces (rectangular, oblong, diamond and inverted triangle). Longer faces suit heavier beards nicely, considering the dominant facial hair will help proportion the rest of the face.  Faces that are shorter, don’t always wear the full … Read More

Top Men’s Hairstyles Of 2017


The Brooding Wave From a buzz cut to long and healthy! Zayn’s locks have officially grown out and he is already setting trends. The Silver Fox George just gets better with age. This dapper look will always be on trend but is particularly popular at the moment. The Flowy Silver Fox Much like George’s, this style is timeless – with or without the greys. The Squared Off High and Tight Conor McGregor keeps it super masculine with this … Read More

Tips for Styling The Latest Menswear Trends This Summer


By Peter Minkoff Contributor at High Street Gent Sunny days are already here and gentlemen must step up their fashion game. There are so many runway trends to keep up with, but that is not all. Besides knowing what kind of clothes you will wear, it is important to figure out how to find inspiration for an entire outfit. Sounds complicated right? Well, actually it is not. Summer trends have brought to you some modern … Read More

Guest Post: Heavy Duty Face Body Lotion Review


Peter Minkoff, contributor to High Street Gent blog, recently tried The Man Grooming range and absolutely loved the products! In particular, the Heavy Duty Face & Body Lotion. Here is his full review of the products –   My friends from Stefan The Man recently sent me their grooming kit for review and I couldn’t wait to try it! After using their products for a month I thought that this is the perfect time to share … Read More

How To Grow A Beard


Men with beards. It’s all the rage. But, growing that much wanted beard can prove to be tiresome and testing. Rather than looking pulled together, that in-between-growth stage can make the beard look untamed, rough and itchy. If you’re wanting to acquire some facial fur, here are some tips for doing it right. Hit the sweet spot (natural and groomed – not manicured) and a beard will look great with both a beanie and a double-breasted jacket this … Read More

Trendiest Beard Styles For 2016


The beard is back and better than ever in 2016! We’ve gathered a collection of the trendiest styles for you to be beard-inspired. The Beard & Man Bun The Beard and Man Bun combo has our vote for the trendiest look of 2016. Ultra-cool yet masculine, this look is great because it suits most face shapes and styles. Celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio have all sported the look this year. Maintenance Level: … Read More

The Man Grooming Kit Review


Men’s blog ‘NotByTheHairs’ recently tried out our #TAMETHEBEAST kit and shared a wonderful review on how they found the products! Read below to check out what they had to say… — This week I have been thoroughly enjoying The Man Grooming kit I received from my friends at Stefan. It came packed with surprises including my favorite; the mustache espresso mug that is now part of my daily coffee routine. I was sent the #TAMETHEBEAST kit which comes with … Read More

Top Tuesday Quotes


Happy Tuesday! There’s nothing like a few inspo quotes to help get you through the working week. Check out a few of our favourites: “A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out” – George Bernard Shaw “Its not how good you are, its how good you want to be” – Unknown “I will become what I deserve” – Ben Howard “The best investment you will ever make, is in … Read More

3 Steps to Great Skin


Guys, hands up if looking after your skin is not at the top of your list of things to do? We all know there are much more exciting ways to spend your time, whether its going out to catch a wave, adventuring with mates and cruising on your motorbike. But by incorporating these 3 simple steps into your grooming routine, your skin will see a massive difference. Cleanse – it may seem simple, but cleansing … Read More