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Does the man in your life have a beard? Does he have a moustache? Is he someone who’s facial hair grows quickly, but who usually prefers to remain clean-shaven? Is he someone who dreads the act of shaving because of razor burn and other unpleasant after effects?

If you are looking to buy birthday gifts for one of the men in your life and he fits one of the descriptions above, then The Man Grooming Kit can help. A brand of Australia’s well-known Stefan Group, The Man Grooming Kit specialises in products that make beard care easier and more fun. Whether your man likes to flaunt his facial hair or keep it trimmed back, there is something in our arsenal of high quality products that is meant for him.

Finding the Best Birthday Gifts for Men in Australia

If you’ve settled on getting beard-care products as the birthday gifts for the men in your life, the next question is which Man Grooming Kit products to buy. While ‘kit’ is in our brand name, not all of our products are sold as kits. On the contrary, while we do have two different kits that bundle some of our most popular products together (the #TameTheBeard kit and the #TameTheBeast kit), we also sell our products individually. Here’s a brief guide of what to buy:

  • For the moustache man: For the man who loves his moustache more than his beard, The Man Grooming Kit offers Razor Sharp Mo Wax. Perfect for styling a moustache so that it looks great and stays in position for hours, this product is ideal for a man whose moustache tends to become unruly from time to time.
  • For the man who dreads shaving: Some men would prefer to grow out their beards or moustaches, and don’t have much choice but to keep them trimmed for work. If your man tends to dread shaving, The Man Grooming Kit offers several products to make the process easier and much less painful. Our Grizzly Shaving Cream helps to prepare a beard for a soft, clean shave—plus masculine fragrance. Our Heavy Duty Face & Body Lotion, meanwhile, makes it easier for a man to keep his skin properly hydrated, nourished and free of razor burn.
  • For the man who spends a lot of time maintaining his facial hair: Perfect-looking beards and moustaches don’t come without effort. If you’re looking to buy birthday gifts for a man who spends a considerable amount of time on his beard or moustache, then opt for the #TameTheBeast kit. This kit includes our shampoo and body wash, face and body lotion, matte pomade, shiny pomade, grizzly shaving cream, beard oil and shave oil—plus a travel bag to transport it all. In short, the kit includes everything a man needs to keep his beard soft, trimmed, sculpted and looking great.

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Buying birthday gifts for men is just easier when you have a unique idea, and even simpler when you can do it online. The Man Grooming Kit helps on both accounts. Click here to browse our intriguing array of products and make your purchase today.