Why a Beard and Moustache Grooming Kit is the Perfect Gift for The Man in Your Life

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What gift do you get for the man who has everything? How about relief from the personal purgatory that he considers shaving to be? For many men, beard grooming and moustache grooming are just not enjoyable tasks. The process takes too long, is too unrewarding and results in an unpleasant mix of cuts, patches of razor burned skin and probably even a few unsightly razor bumps. Needless to say, if you can give a gift that eliminates the pains and inconveniences of shaving, you’ll be the hero in his life.

The Perfect Male Grooming Kit

The good news is that today, you can give precisely that gift. At Man Grooming Kit, we are a company dedicated to bringing the best in men’s grooming supplies to the market. Whether your man prefers the bushy Viking look or needs to be clean shaven each morning for work, our beard grooming kits have what he needs to get the look and feel he wants.

Shopping at Men’s Grooming Kit, you can choose to purchase beard and moustache grooming essentials a la carte or in our pre-packaged kits. Is your man’s biggest problem razor burn? Our beard oils and facial lotions are perfect for preparing the skin for a shave and rejuvenating it once he’s mowed down all the hair on his face. Does your man spend so much time shaping and styling his beard that you worry about his wellbeing when he disappears into the bathroom each morning? Our ‘Razor Sharp Mo Wax’ is perfect for sculpting facial hair and holding it in place.

Indeed, whether the task is beard maintenance, beard eradication or anything in between, our male grooming collections will simplify the process and make facial hair grooming an enjoyable pursuit. Plus, since all of our products use only natural ingredients, they are perfect for your man’s hair, skin and overall health!

Choosing a Men’s Grooming Kit for The Man in Your Life

At the Men’s Grooming Kit, we carry two different male grooming kits—both of which make great gifts for any bearded man. Suffice to say that either kit is a smart option for your man. However, if you aren’t sure which one to choose, here are some more in-depth details about both.

  • The #TameTheBeard Kit: The smaller of the two kits, with a list price of $59.00, the #TameTheBeard kit includes three products perfect for maintaining a beard or sending the hairs down the sink drain alike. This kit consists of three products from our collection: Beard Oil, Shave Oil and Matte Pomade. Beard Oil is ideal for hydrating and conditioning a beard, as well as the skin it covers. Shave Oil is a stand-in for shaving cream that prepares the skin for a shave and prevents razor burn while also aiding in a quicker, cleaner shave; and Matte Pomade adds texture, definition and hold to hair.
  • The #TameTheBeast Kit: The #TameTheBeast kit boasts a list price of $119.00, but expands on the #TameTheBeard kit enough to justify being twice the price. You get everything included in the #TameTheBeard kit, plus a slick wooden razor handle, a five-blade razor and bottles of our Heavy Duty Face & Body Lotion and our Dirty Shampoo & Body Wash. This kit isn’t just suitable for beard and moustache maintenance, but for full body grooming.

Are you interested in learning more about each of these products for beard, moustache and body grooming? Click here to find more information about both male grooming kits.