Six Common Beard-Related Struggles That Men Face—and How Australia’s Men’s Grooming Kit (Now Available Online) Can Help

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To be sure, not being able to grow a full beard is its own kind of struggle. Many men are proud of their beards and love growing them out long. However, if you do decide to grow out your beard—or even if you don’t, but your facial hair still grows too fast for you to keep up—then you’ve probably contended with one or all of the struggles listed below.

At the Men’s Grooming Kit, an Australia-based company dedicated to simplifying the grooming process for all men, we carry products designed to neutralise the common challenges of the modern bearded man. If any of these six less-than-amenable issues seems to be constantly plaguing your life, get in touch with us to see how we can help!

The Struggles of a Bearded Man

  1. Your beard feels like sandpaper: Enough said. When your beard feels like it’s made of wooden splinters instead of individual human hairs, it can make the simplest things in life—from pulling on a sweater to getting to sleep—painful, itchy and unpleasant. There is also the added benefit of your beard scratching off the skin of anyone you try to kiss for more than 30 seconds. Ouch.
  2. You’re always scratching your face: Speaking of an itchy beard, repeatedly scratching your face in public is bound to draw eyes eventually. You start to wonder, ‘Do my co-workers just assume that some colony of alien insects is living in my facial hair?’
  3. Stuff living in your beard: If you’re lucky, you won’t ever have to worry about bugs taking up residence in your beard. However, it’s entirely possible that stuff will get lodged in your beard from time to time, from grains of sand to pieces of cereal from breakfast. Seriously, if you’ve ever found a Cheerio in your beard two days later, it’s time to order a men’s grooming kit online.
  4. Your beard retains smells: It almost doesn’t matter what you do, because your beard will eventually hang on to a questionable smell or two. Beer? Smoke? Coffee? Gasoline? Trust us; many men have had the odours stick around for days thanks solely to their facial hair.
  5. Your beard is literally out of control: Messy, unkempt hair can be sort of endearing. A messy, unkempt beard just makes you look unhinged. How are you supposed to keep your moustache hair from going in all different directions? Douse it in hair gel?
  6. Shaving hurts way too much: There’s a non-zero chance that men who grow out their beards do so first and foremost because they hate shaving. Shaving opens you up to the dangers of razor burn and cutting yourself in embarrassing and highly visible ways. It also takes forever and cuts in your sleep time. No thank you!

Make Grooming More Man-Ageable: Order Men’s Grooming Kits Online in Australia Today!

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